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Engagement and turnout: the power of the student vote

There’s been a real importance placed on the student vote for the upcoming election on 7th May. Some students see it as a lost cause whilst others feel its importance is great. The last election, back in 2010, showed that most students’ votes fell with the Liberal Democrats, and whilst this support has now fallen,…


The dangers of screens before bed

It’s almost become natural to check our phones before going to bed, but studies are showing that this could be causing havoc with the quality of our sleep. Research suggests that the effects of using screens before bedtime could be even worse than just taking longer to get to sleep. This isn’t just restricted to…


Alcohol-free student halls: the pros and cons

The idea of having alcohol free flats is unknown to most students moving into halls. But drink or no drink, your time at university is likely to involve alcohol one way or another, whether that’s you drinking or watching others do so. A university in the UK has recently introduced the idea of having alcohol…


The walk of fire

Feeling brave? Then here’s your chance to get involved with Norfolk’s Big C fundraising event for Cancer research! This February, Big C are raising funds for this incredibly vital cause. The charity will be providing 70 people with the chance to walk across fire. Each person must pledge to make £200 alongside a £25 deposit….


Lifestyle’s lifehack corner

University work taking up most of your time? These handy little lifehacks could help you with life’s other dilemmas! To get rid of the stems from strawberries, use a straw Green fingers from your ring? Using clean varnish around the inside of the ring will prevent this To prevent burning yourself when lighting a candle,…


The Online World Of Mental Health

Young people can’t really escape the world of social media these days. It’s become an integral part of life to tell everyone how you’re feeling on your status, but does this have an effect on our mental health? In the old days, if we felt a certain way, then weíd probably call a particular person…


Student housing: a guide

With it getting closer and closer to the time we decide who and where we want to live in our second and third years of uni, it’s good to know what we should be considering when it comes to housing decisions beyond halls. From inventories and bills, to guarantors and contents insurance, there is a…

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December 2021
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