Rebecca Graham


TV Guilty Pleasures: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

My housemates and I, like many others I am sure, tends to go through phases of watching one TV show religiously. We watch it start to finish – and maybe back again – in a matter of a couple weeks. There have been many shows, but without a doubt one of my favourites has been…


Bishop of Norwich’s LGBT+ report rejected

A report put forward by the House of Bishops, and backed by the Bishop of Norwich, stating that marriage should remain between a man and a woman and not be extended to same-sex couples, has been rejected by the General Synod. The report, which was supported by Reverend Graham James, the Bishop of Norwich, was…


Oldie but goldie: TV Traditions

My family are not a very ‘together’ sort of family when it comes to television. We are usually stowed away in separate rooms using different devices to watch it – my parents with the television, my brother with his Xbox, and me with my laptop. Christmas is practically the only day, especially since the demise…


Next level: is your degree enough?

Today, huge numbers of students are choosing to do masters and PhDs, or to take years abroad, so extending their time at university. But why is this happening? Why are we all so keen to prolong our time spent collecting debt in education? One answer is that it makes us more desirable candidates for future…

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