Rob Drury

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Tech Accessories

Fashion has always influenced our technology. From the introduction of ornate Grandfather clocks and beyond, the desire for the aesthetically pleasing have merged with our desire to technologically adavance ourselves. Now with the rising popularity of wearable technology, it is only fitting that fashion and technology companies caught on and are marketing said products to…

Film, OldVenue

Review: Creed

Filmed over the space of a month on a tight budget, 1976’s Rocky gave birth to a cultural phenomenon, with Sylvester Stallone’s titular character emerging as cinema’s most iconic underdog hero. Following a number of sequels with varying degrees of critical and commercial success, we arrive at Creed: the seventh iteration in the now forty…

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Review: Lucy Rose Live

Lucy Rose has an image so clean it practically sparkles, and her set certainly stays true to the spotless indie pop her fans have become accustomed to. This is not to say she is a dull performer; her persona on stage has certainly become much more confident and colourful since her nervous touring with Like…

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