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Sexual harassment needs to be addressed

The NUS’s announcement that 20% of students experience sexual harassment in their first week at university is truly shocking. University is meant to provide students with the opportunity to learn to be independent, while at the same time feeling that they are living in a safe environment where they can study without the fear of…


Union celebrates inspiring UEA lecturers

Monday 13th April saw the inaugural Transforming Teaching Awards ceremony at the Union of UEA Students. The awards, brainchild of the Education and Engagement department of the union, received over 300 nominations after an eight-week period of nominating for the best teaching and support staff from the University. Awards ranged from most inclusive attitude to…


Future Classics: Or, the Best of Now

Rob Drury A Yorkshire village, beset upon by ‘the Rising’, causing many previously dead persons to haul themselves from their graves and stagger the earth wouldn’t capture many hearts (though the accents would win a fair few of us over). What makes In the Flesh such a shining example of a future classic is how it…

OldVenue, TV

The best thing you’ve never seen

Roger & Val Stevenson are two characters that have a very special place in my heart. The couple were on the screen for only two series between 2010 and 2012, but they occupied such a cosy, warm and normal corner of the schedule, I defy you not to be won over by them. Written and…


Sexuality, university and you

It’s around this time in the life of a third year that the yearning to be a fresher again rears up. Seeing all your happy, worried, excited and slightly scared faces doesn’t half stimulate a gust of nostalgia for our first year.

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