Rob Drury

OldVenue, TV

Morality on the box

Recently BBC3 aired Murdered By My Boyfriend, a drama based on real-life events which presented domestic violence in a frank and harrowing manner. This was television on a mission; its moral compass was fixed and it ran with it. It was, of course, brilliant that it did so. That television can portray events to a…

OldVenue, TV

Review: Murdered By My Boyfriend

Television is a pretty constant thing these days. You’re hard pushed to find an hour where you aren’t watching this rerun of a drama, or that premiere of a new comedy series. With the addition of online programming and catch-up, TV’s got you surrounded good and proper. Not in a bad way: sort of like…


UEA Campus in the City

The 27th and 28th May saw the return of UEA in the City; a public event based at The Forum, Norwich, in which lecturers, staff and societies took to the heart of the city to promote the work that goes on at UEA on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, this year, the event was hampered by…

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