Rosa Watson


When artists set society free

From a certain point of the day, swearing is censored from television and bodies are carefully pixelated to preserve modesty. These barriers are created to protect the modern day audiences. In adolescence in particular, there is a fixation on rebellion for the sake of it and on breaking the limits through expression, whether it is…


What life drawing taught me about body confidence

How we feel about our bodies is not a reflection of how we truly see ourselves but how we think other people see us. Or more accurately, how society sees us. For the majority of the population, this incredibly painful as the point of the ‘perfect’ body image is that is rare. Yet this is…


Video artists

On the start of a new year, we are already hit by the dreary news commentary of the pitfalls of 2016. So, we are unsurprisingly walking into 2017 with not quite the usual bouts of optimism. However,  stumbling across new quirky video artist Rachel Maclean, has unveiled a startlingly new perspective. Rachel Maclean’s It’s Whats…