Rose Ramsden

Creative Writing


We carry our heels on one arm, And our friends on the other, Sweaty palms encased like the hold of a lover. Our feet flinch at the nipping gravel But the drunken haze makes it hard to care. Curls are beginning to drop, Mascara is smudged and Lashes are falling off; We have never been…

Creative Writing

The Pleasure of A Broken Rib

It can be hard to explain The pleasure of a broken rib. Bruises bloom across the soil beds of your chest, The warmth of the consistent ache Almost like a friend in its constancy. Fingers press and jab and fondle just to remind yourself that Yep, still stings like a net of nettles. But the…

Creative Writing


My nose, a dripping tap Throat embalmed with phlegm Head hot sticky like a child’s fingers jabbing my brain Body encased in a sea of blankets Distant radio buzz Weight drowning and anchoring me Diving deeper into my humid cave Eyelids falling shut My parents — both together then — piled together on the couch,…