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Is there too much pressure to enjoy freshers?

Everyone believes that university will be fun, crazy, and the best time of their lives. Obviously, university should be an enjoyable experience. But sometimes, we can get so worked up about the expectations of how we are meant to enjoy our time at university, that we can become disillusioned with the actual experience. When we…

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A normal night

Blinding lights, A kaleidoscope of warm bodies. The electric noise echoes through the starless room Where twisted forms react with waves to the thriving beat. These are the common qualities of the blurry-eyed in their rippling delights. Masked faces of friends imposed by the spirituous blend of drink and remedies Are experienced again with the…

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Used and Abused: Drugs in Film

Throughout history, films have galvanised from creative inspirations such as a past event or movement, an individual or a group of individuals, emotions and personal experiences. Every so often drugs are used to spark the imagination into making films, and these pieces are usually very reflective of the filmmaker’s hallucinogenic experience. However, at other times…

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Under the Influence

How High (2001) Sometimes you can’t beat indulging in some straight up ridiculousness. How High is off the chart in terms of its unashamed silliness and completely ludicrous plot. What better way to entertain a baked, hazy mind than to get lost in an hour and a half of two underachieving stoners (played by Method…

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Feminism in Film: The Under-Representation of Women

With the presence and development of strong female characters in contemporary cinema, it is haunting to discover that this is not reflected by the presence of women in the making and production of these motion pictures.  A recent report from The Guardian highlights the shocking statistics of women being undermined in the film industry. The…

October 2021
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