Sacha Silverstone


Are drones the real enemy?

25 years ago, the film ‘Toys’ was released in the US, where a toy manufacturer starts developing war toys to sell to the military, much to the dismay of his family. Although the film was a financial flop, it was one of the first mentions of drones in popular culture. The first form of drone,…


Censorship still exists

Norwich has been the forefront of censorship fiascos recently; first with UEA’s poor free speech rating, followed by Susan Hill, author of ‘Woman in Black’, accusing Norwich’s Book Hive of censorship when they cancelled her book signing. But UEA is not alone in censorship issues on campus. Out of the 115 UK universities Spiked rated,…


Refugees in Crisis

Donald Trump managed to draw attention towards the refugee crisis last week during a rally in Florida, when he seemingly mentioned a non-existent Swedish terrorist attack, later defending the comment as a reference to a Fox News report on violence supposedly caused by refugees in Sweden. Despite the questionable nature of these claims, it does…


Stop the War on Women’s Bodies

Tony Allen, Beverly Devakishen, Angel Loera, Gavin O’Donnell, Mireia Molina, Griffin Shiel and Sacha Silverstone explore reproductive rights around the world Poland Last year,  in response to widespread protests and strikes, a large parliamentary majority rejected plans to outlaw all abortions unless the woman’s life was in danger. The BBC estimated that in October, 100,000…


Relentless crises in the Gambia

As political crisis in the Gambia finally comes to an end, a financial crisis could be looming, with Adama Barrow sworn in as the country’s new president and his predecessor, Yahya Jammeh fleeing into exile with millions from state funds. Jammeh held his presidential position in the Gambia for 22 years, but lost the last…


Academics say ‘fake news’ lessons needed

UK researchers have called for universities to teach how news spreads online to help students distinguish ‘fake news’, such as those stories proliferated last year in the US Presidential election and EU referendum. In December a man opened fire on a Texas pizza shop falsely reported to be hosting a child sex-ring run by Hillary…

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