Sacha Silverstone


Academics say ‘fake news’ lessons needed

UK researchers have called for universities to teach how news spreads online to help students distinguish ‘fake news’, such as those stories proliferated last year in the US Presidential election and EU referendum. In December a man opened fire on a Texas pizza shop falsely reported to be hosting a child sex-ring run by Hillary…


The power of populism

In the current political climate where shock results have inundated 2016 – with Britain voting to leave the EU and Trump holding the office of President-elect – it is becoming increasingly evident that people across the world are acting out against the political class and calling for change. In Europe, people are flocking towards populism,…


Investigation reveals universities’ precarious contracts

The Guardian has discovered that teaching in British universities predominantly consists of zero-hour contracts, temporary agencies and other insecure work contracts. The investigation revealed that the richest Russell Group institutions are the worst offenders for hiring non-permanent workers. More than half of academics teaching at British universities and three-quarters of junior academics, who are most…

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