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Ashley Hickson-Lovence: “I’m always thinking about my next big project, a bit like Uriah.” 

Ashley Hickson-Lovence arrives for coffee; he orders a latte, and I order a cappuccino. As the coffee machine grinds, he removes his tinted sunglasses, “I can’t see anything in these,” he jokes, opting for his reading glasses. “That’s better.” Ashley says no question is off-limits. “I’ll answer absolutely anything. I’m an open book.” We begin…

Deputy Editors' Column

Make it count

I love apricots. Juicy, tangy, subtle enough to feel fresh, small enough to carry in a lunchbox.  A few days ago, I ate an apricot on the bus to campus. It filled my body with a sense of joy, watching the sun peak between the trees on the Avenues, a soft breeze clipping my hair…

Deputy Editors' Column

Does happiness mean health?

Happiness stems from healthiness. Or does it… In the last few months, I feel more inclined to believe that true health often feels gut-wrenchingly awful. The journey of reaching your health goals is a marathon, not a sprint, a bumpy path of many ascents and descents, curves and straight lines, peculiar turns and a sense…

Deputy Editors' Column

Change in the air

Norfolk is our version of Kansas, albeit without the tornadoes. Flat, but full of life. Green, but full of grit. Sometimes hot, occasionally freezing, wet and windy, and from time to time, both at the same moment. Norfolk is arguably Britain’s equivalent of Alaska, for one simple reason: unlike most UK cities, it isn’t a…


Student Entrepreneurs: A Tasty Prospect

Students love brownies, but that’s only half the battle. Brookies – grounded in the notion of cookie-brownie hybrids – was founded by UEA student, Zoe Shakes, and her partner, Daniel Shakes, heralding the start of a business with “its own challenges, and benefits”. According to Zoe, “it’s challenging, some weeks, to balance deadlines from my…


Are Vegans still craving imitation? Hmm.

The vegan fry up at Campus Kitchen comes with everything you’d expect from a proper English fry-up. The sausages are made using potato, adding a softer texture to the meatier pork sausages sizzling in the nearby tray. Putting aside the taste factor, how much does it matter that the vegetarian sausages are both visibly and…

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