Sam Gordon Webb


Dreaming is believing

According to the Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, “hope is a waking dream”. To this day, his comment still rings true. The recent onset of a new variant of Covid has cast a dark spell over the UK, a time of extreme restriction on the hospitality sector with only essential travel permitted. The solution is an…


Academically motivated, but how?

Students struggle with procrastination. In an ever more digitised age, the task of avoiding distraction seems ever more challenging.  But still possible. According to best practice, the fightback includes reducing one’s digital exposure, or going on a leisurely stroll to clear the mind of academic jargon. Students are taught to believe that hard work always…

Creative Writing


Imagine sipping a piña colada on a beach in Barbados. Where a wind kisses your cheeks, whispering through the language of the palm trees. Your lips purse as you sip its imaginary juices. It feels tangy. Fresh. Everything this moment lacked. Now, a murky cloud begins to form in the shape of a camel, its…


Black British Business Person Of the Year, Segun Osuntokun: “ Fix the system, not the people”

Segun Osuntokun has an impressive collection of books. Last month, the managing partner of Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner was named the Black British Business Person of the Year. Meeting virtually, he smiles before pushing himself forward on a spin chair. “As a corporate solicitor, I don’t regard myself as a business person, so to be…

Creative Writing

My Brew Today

If all myself and every side could brew like coffee in a cup on a dry dreary death bent silent room then mine brews over there where spillages show teardrops of Monday, fading yet true.  The wind, a choice, glides in strides of striking size where smoke and steam are friends, a sight where smells…

Creative Writing

The Final Twist

arriving soon. It bends before,  narrows near ends, dreams  suspend from rooftops where  sparrows gleam as nature’s friends.  there, it broods, alludes to  dreams where paths are drawn  as alleyways, arrow straight and stiff  as arms that flail. Exhale. feel air  where lanes bend and narrow near ends,  the time to make amends. 

Creative Writing

Tell Your Therapist This

so it’s that time again:  weeknight kale in   wok pan,  low level heat,   the norm.  playlist shuffles.  plays unknown  artist, this  gorgeous  rendition in corner                                         of each iris.  paints picture  of storm          from a  palette                 inviting sensations,  creating palpitations  in heart  overloading.  it’s a brush- stroke on my  chin hairs,  where they once stood.  I…


Luxury versus budget travel

Newsflash: Once upon a time, travelling for pleasure was something people actually did. As we reminisce during a pandemic, our holiday plans have either been totally destroyed or at least, delayed.  I refuse to beat around the bush. Covid-19 has seismically affected travel providers. Not only are travellers spending less on exotic getaways to faraway…

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