Sam Hewitson

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The hidden grandeur of Northern Iceland

If we are building a list of hidden gems around the world, Iceland should not be on this list. Everyone knows Iceland is the epitome of natural beauty and offers so much for a relatively small island. A photographer’s paradise and filled with natural spectacles seen nowhere else, most have been recommended to visit “The…


Anticipated Autumn Arrivals

His Dark Materials: Season 2 I don’t watch a lot of television. I have certain shows I adore and very few I actively keep up with and religiously watch, so anticipating a premiere is almost unheard of for me. The unbearable wait until November for the second season of ‘His Dark Materials’ therefore shows perfectly…



In the last six weeks, five Ugandan gorillas have been born at Bwindi Park. This species of mountain gorilla is endangered with just above 1,000 currently alive. Only three gorillas were born here last year, making this increase unprecedented. The reason for this sudden boom is still unknown, with all babies being born to different…

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