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Is campus expansion pushing up accommodation prices?

From the construction of The Enterprise Centre last year and the announcement of the demolishing of Congregation Hall, to the new accommodation buildings on the Blackdale site: UEA’s campus is dramatically expanding. You would be forgiven for failing to notice the slow pace of initial development, but in line with the university’s development plan: 2030…


Pub work for a pittance: why are the young worth less?

From secondary school to university, I have had a fair few friends for whom part-time or summer jobs have been a regular occurrence. It seems to me that this extra work alongside a degree is more important now than ever, due to the recent news that maintenance grants will be scrapped for the 2016 university…


Who will you be voting for?

Sam Naylor tells you everything you need to know about the political parties in preparation for May’s election. Labour Slated for having a ‘weak leader’, Labour haven’t received much positive support from the mass media. (Though they do boast a Wallace look-a-like.) Much of their campaign thus far has hinged on the reversal of “the…


The time is ripe for concerted action on mental health care

Germanwings co-pilot kept deadly mental illness secret from bosses”. Just one headline from an onslaught of tabloid articles that fuels negative association with mental health issues. Mental illness should not be a way of wholly justifying one’s actions just as much as it should not be used as an excuse to single someone out. We…

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Reviewing Music Videos

Rihanna x Kanye West x Paul McCartney FourFiveSeconds Forget assassination in a station, or rude girl hip thrusting, butt bouncing, rainbow tripping trips. FourFiveSeconds takes us back to black and white cinematography and simplistic slow close ups. A new, exciting world where Paul McCartney is friends with Kanye and the long awaited triumph of denim-on-denim…

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Netflix Anonymous

BoJack Horseman There seems to be an extremely divided opinion about adult animation but I have always been a fan, so when my sister suggested I watch BoJack Horseman, I got straight to it and finished the entire series the very same day. It follows a washed up Hollywood actor, who also happens to be…

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