Samuel Woolford


UEA installs new solar bench on campus

The University of East Anglia has installed a new ‘Solar Bench’ on campus. This comes from the Sustainable Ways Vision, a campaign incorporated by the Estates and Facilities Division at UEA. The new solar bench has features such as 4 USB power ports, WiFi and LED illumination. Sustainable Ways Vision aims to put out data…


Have the People’s Vote lied to us?

You may have heard about a little issue known as Brexit rearing its ugly head on the media circuit. Its misinformation, toxic political agendas and intense polarity has left many disenfranchised by one of the most important issues of a generation. But even if you’re bored of Brexit (which is an entirely justified stance), there…


Cabinet Ministers call for league tables to consider diversity

Cabinet Ministers David Limington MP and Chris Skidmore MP have called on universities to address their ethnic disparities or face negative consequences within league table standings. Speaking on the failings of universities to tackle a lack of diversity in the student body, Universities Minister Skidmore said ‘It cannot be right that ethnic minority students are…


PPL Film Fest to return in March

UEA’s Philosophy Society will be hosting the second annual PPL film festival, set to take place in March. The PPL film festival is a weeklong event comprised of a series of film screenings followed by a 20 to 30 minute discussion led by a member of staff or external speaker. Running from the 11-16 March,…


Barking up the wrong tree?

The Student Union’s (SU) weekly dog walking sessions are designed to encourage students to be active, using sport to benefit their mental health.  While some may argue dog walking isn’t really a sport, the SU seem to be doing the best with the cards they’ve been dealt. For the university body seems to me far…


Nominations open for SU officer elections in March

The SU Officer Elections are fast approaching as UEA prepares to enter a new semester, with a total of 20 positions available for the student body to run for. The five full-time roles available to students promise a salary of around £19,000, with responsibilities including overseeing SU campaigns, ensuring that the SU is well resourced…

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