Sandra Tse


UEA award ceremony

Writers Lois Arcari, Sophie Clayton and Sandra Tse are UEA Award Ambassadors for LDC. Clayton co-hosted the Award Ceremony, Tse was in the decorations and meet and greet team, and Arcari also worked on meet and greet as well as presenting a speech about her experiences of the award. At the close of the spring…

Creative Writing

The Long Road

The streetlights were sparse now as they hurtled past clamps of skeletal trees and pasture fields. The engine droned in its lulling voice in the silence as the road stretched on ahead with no end in sight. ‘But where are we going?’ Kyla checked her rear-view mirror. The view behind them was identical to that…

Creative Writing

Mauve and green

Foams rushed in, licking the edge of the surf, then retreated again with a hissing sigh, just as it had done a decade ago. Clio had never known this beach to vary. The icy fingers around her gloves tightened almost instinctively. The sea moved as if it had done so for eternity. Wind ruffled her…