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Creative Writing

H after h

Hit with the hours of the day, I hurried to the quaint hut in which the vote was to take place. As I stepped over the threshold, hobbling from the hike I felt like I had just completed, I harmlessly swept my eyes across the room. The atmosphere felt cold, stale, and with a slight…

Creative Writing, Venue


Resolve, Evolve, Many an element, my newness must involve. Resolve, Evolve, The importance of newness, my life does revolve. Resolve, Evolve, For newness to work, my interests must convolve. Resolve, Evolve, The precedence of my happiness does devolve. Resolve, Evolve, I am waiting for the wanting to dissolve.


New year, new you

Forget the diet, forget the exercise and forget finding new love. Instead fill up your life with art, culture and languages with these New Year resolutions. Start the record: I want to finally release online my music that I’ve been working on for ages. I also want to try writing about music a bit more, and…


Roast with the most

“We should cook for ourselves! Like the true adults we are now.” “Yes, let’s! We can make all the trimmings and we can even buy some mulled wine!” said no student, ever. Christmas is hard. Not only are we all settling in to a new environment, with new people and new ideas, but we have…

Creative Writing

Into the night

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. BANG. Thump. BANG. BANG. Thump. Thump. Thump. BOOM. The rhythm of my heart coincides with the rhythm of my feet as I move like lightning up the eerie stairs. My sweaty palms glide over the metal banisters, and I urge my feet to tread faster and faster – pulling myself higher…

Creative Writing

A Dull Day in May

A concrete jungle, the dullest day of May. I pray, please stay, in the laborious grey, As the world begins to fray. Its edges wearing and tearing, Disguised by the continuous blaring Of all this grey. It won’t stop staring! Darkness, devilish destruction, gnawing, on replay, At those who sway from the laborious grey. If…

Creative Writing

The Other Side

My enemy. My nemesis. As I looked at the accumulation of bricks, the shades of brown, the crumbling corners, the grey cement that separated one ally from another, I noticed a decaying slab that had left a slight hole, large enough for me to wedge the tip of my shoe, which would firmly prop me…

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January 2022
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