Sarah Michaels


The ice caves and salt mines of Austria

A visit to Austria is not complete without a trip to the world’s biggest ice cave: Eisriesenwelt in Salzburg. The cave is a long trek uphill but once inside it cannot be beaten. As you discover a prehistoric cave where you walk on and around beautiful ice. Combine this natural wonder with a walk around…


Harry Potter and the voyage of discovery

Harry’s adventures throughout the film instalments of the popular series take him to beautiful locations, from the city-scene of Kings Cross to the hills and countryside that the Hogwarts Express coasts through. With this in mind, Concrete takes a look at the real-life destinations that can transport you to the magical world of Harry Potter….


A guide to European street scams

The promise of a cultural adventure on the continent lures students every year into spending their summer inter-railing across Europe. With historic and hip cities residing only hours away from each other, the savvy traveller can happily take in all that Europe has to offer. Amongst the sights and sounds of these cities however, lie…