Scarlet Dawson


A revolution in the approach to paedophilia?

There are some words that never fail to make people cringe. I told several friends that I was planning on writing for Concrete about paedophilia, which was, without exception, greeted with frowns or raised eyebrows. This is what it was like to talk about rape a few years back; we knew it was a bad…

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Creative Writing: Company

Occasionally, I run into myself. Like the other day, when I was walking home at 4:30 in the morning. I had a little black umbrella, which had kindly been lent to me because the crisp, quiet night had donned a delicate veil of rain. Delicate, yet I could still hear a faint pitter-patter against the…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Creative Writing: Uninvited Guest

Knock knock Fear at my door Knock knock “Go away, I’m busy. Come back tomorrow.” Knock knock Knock knock Knock knock “Okay, okay, come in.” Fear is a terrible guest. Rampant, It wreaks havoc in my house. Crack, it stomps on my ambition Crash, there goes my initiative Splash, it spills doubt all over my…