Sean Bennett


Why theatre fascinates me

I never intended on getting involved in theatre. Sure, I would go to a pantomime every year, and occasionally a play or two, but the idea that theatre was anything more than an occasional distraction never really crossed my mind. That it could be a true art form, that a performance could draw tears, smiles…


Game soundtracks

The music of gaming is not just an afterthought anymore. The high-calibre games of 2018 possess such detail and finesse in their plots, characters and designs that it would be a crime to underscore the whole affair with the repetitive elevator music of old. For one genre in particular, this is of even greater importance…


Review: Did Victorians ruin the world?

The question of whether or not the Victorians ruined the world is one that I suspect many people have asked themselves over the years. Using this question as the title of their radio show, sister double act Helen and Kat Arney migrated to the stage for the Norwich Science Festival. With the help of special…


BBC research reveals lack of censorship across universities

Recent research conducted by the BBC’s Reality Check facility has revealed a distinct lack of evidence to support the widely purported notion that universities are actively seeking to stifle free speech. This followed a recent Parliamentary inquiry resulting in the Office for Students threatening to fine universities for failures to uphold the principles and tenets…


Black History Month

Wandsworth Council’s renaming of Black History Month, a tradition that’s over 30 years old, to Diversity Month has unsurprisingly prompted no shortage of responses, many of which were less than positive. It’s odd it’s happening now, four years after the change actually took place. However, the move did raise some interesting questions about the event…

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