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Derby Day, Sport

Derby Day special report

As part of our post Derby-Day special our writers have taken a look at some of the defining sports from the fixture. [su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”Dance – Tom Gordon”] Three wins each as Dance ends in draw At 17:00, as Derby Day began to draw to a close, the Esx dance theatre was begining to fill…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Creative Writing: Oasis

I looked at the newspaper absentmindedly a nice dash of black and white in a sea of grey, providing contrast. ‘GLASS-BOTTOMED SWIMMING POOL TO BE SUSPENDED 10 STOREYS HIGH IN SOUTH LONDON’. my first thought was not how awful the water bill would be, not even the waves of acrophobia that would roll over me but rather,…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Creative Writing: Gimme Shelter

i’m leaving tomorrow. hundreds of people in my hometown and you were the only person here I hoped to hear say farewell. firstly – no, I don’t hate you for going back to him. I still think he’s an abusive sack of shit, but I guess he’s your abusive sack of shit. I know you…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Creative Writing: The Mixtape

Not In Love. She Said. Something Good. A Long Time Ago. I Saw Her Standing There. Beautiful. Untouched. Like Porcelain. Awkward. She Smiled Sweetly. Teenage Dream. Call Me Maybe. Alone With You. Drunk. Temptation. One Touch. Absolute Beginners. Start Me Up. Hooked On A Feeling. Too Much. Too Much. Too Much. Blame It On Me….

May 2022
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