Sheldon Vestey


Society needs to stop ignoring alcoholism, and rethink our attitude towards it in relation to other narcotics

The past few months have seen numerous drug related incidents, including the unexpected deaths of three men from Ipswich related to the superman pills/PMA, an MDMA (ecstasy) analog. Tabloid newspaper articles erupted with an unnerving disparity to the scale of disaster, incorrectly labelling the culprit as MDMA – a recurring trend with an age old…


Edward Snowden: traitor or freedom fighter?

From the very beginning, Edward Snowden’s revelations have been heralded as massively damaging to military missions and immensely revealing to the general public. National security breaches have been cited time and time again with particular attention paid to possible death for overseas troops, whilst the US government has point blank refused to acknowledge the lack…


Subway in a pickle over new menu

Since 2007, 185 Subway franchises out of a total 1,423 have started serving halal meat, meaning that ham and bacon are replaced with turkey ham and rashers in participating restaurants and the meat is slaughtered in line with Islamic law. These new halal stores came about during Subway’s fivefold expansion since 2004 and were determined…