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The Head-Turning Looks at Coachella 2022

Recently, the highly-anticipated Coachella took place, a festival which we Brits associate with glitz and glamour – the opposite of what we are used to. Coachella is predominantly known for its impressive line-up which, this year, consisted of Harry Styles and Billie Eilish – even Swedish House Mafia popped in to say hi. The event…


My Premature Quarter Life Crisis

Just over a year ago, in April of 2021, I’m pretty sure I had a mental breakdown.  Nope, not being ironic. I’ve suffered with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, sometimes accompanied by depression, for around three years now, and I thought I was through the worst of it. Boy, was I wrong. We started to come out…


The Energy Crisis & Rise of Living Costs

Recently, you’d have noticed there has been a very large price inflation since Russia began attacking Ukraine. The price of living has vastly increased, and while we’re not the only place to be affected, the current inflation is rising at 7%, with the worst yet to come. Amidst Russia’s war crimes, many countries have cut…


How have we gone from The Beatles to BTS?

I’m sure at one point in your adolescence you had that one boy band you were obsessed with, especially if you’re a female. I recently watched the documentary Eight Days a Week, about The Beatles, and in most of the performance clips, teenage girls’ or “Beatlemaniacs” screams were louder than the music, I got to…


The Bell Jar

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Bell Jar, or Sylvia Plath. If you haven’t then I highly recommend you get Googling. The Bell Jar was originally published under a pseudonym in 1963, the same year Plath unfortunately ended her life, but the novel and her legacy lives on. Without giving too much away, The Bell…


The Gender Pay Gap on Screen

The dominating issue of gender pay gaps in all types of jobs has been persistent for a long time, and I’m talking for a very long time. Throughout history, women have traditionally remained at home whilst their husbands worked but by the seventies, the number of women that had taken on jobs had skyrocketed, with…

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