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Calling all film-makers, film-lovers, and general exhibitionists- CURB’s new project ‘One Minute in Cannes’ is offering and exciting opportunity for you to be screened at the renowned Cannes Film Festival this year! Forget five minutes of fame, in this fast-paced day and age all you need is one minute – one minute to show off…


1960s Special at Cinema City

On Sunday, 12th of April at 2.30pm, there will be a screening of East Anglian Film Archive (EAFA) shorts, revealing the fashions, attitudes and social habits of people across the region in the 1960’s. The films will be accompanied by a live set from the house band of the Norwich Jazz Club featuring hit songs…

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Under the Influence

How High (2001) Sometimes you can’t beat indulging in some straight up ridiculousness. How High is off the chart in terms of its unashamed silliness and completely ludicrous plot. What better way to entertain a baked, hazy mind than to get lost in an hour and a half of two underachieving stoners (played by Method…

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Nick Broomfield Q&A at Cinema City

Somerset-born Nick Broomfield is primarily known for his documentaries, which have been said to inspire the more self-reflexive and ‘gonzo’ style of film-making that can be seen in the work of Michael Moore and Louis Theroux. His best known work includes Kurt and Courtney, Aileen Wuornos: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Biggie and Tupac….

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The Stigma of the Penis

Why is the penis still hiding? Cinema has always reflected cultural values, so one would think that in our apparently liberated and open-minded society that there would be less of a bias of genitalia in film. However, there still exists a startling double standard in terms of what is shown on screen. Women’s bodies have…

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The Curious Case of Torture Porn

For The whole concept of the ‘torture porn’ genre (created by a fusion of the splatter and slasher genre) has been a much-debated issue since its emergence in the late 2000s. A comparison can be drawn between said emergence and tumultuous debate with the ‘video nasties’ scare of the eighties, when titles such as The…

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Experience in the Film Industry

Already planning for next summer? For some of you it will be festivals, holidays…Others will be looking into gaining experience (that’s not ‘life’ experience, but CV-boosting, impressive, brownie-points experience). If mention of work experience and internships this early on in the year makes you feel nauseous, don’t turn the page just yet. If you are…

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