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How theatre is helping create conversation about mental health: An interview with playwright Mark Daniels on his new play Coronavirus-A Great British farce.

After being met with such incredible audience reactions and reviews, playwright Mark Daniels’ show Coronavirus – A Great British Farce, based on his own diaries from lockdown, is coming to The Garage in Norwich on the 18th November. Could you start off by telling me about the play itself? So, it’s a comedy, it’s surreal,…


The Changing Nature of Halloween Costumes

The evenings get colder, the leaves turn brown, and the smell of Pumpkin Spiced lattes is in the air – autumn is officially here, meaning Halloween is right around the corner. With pubs and clubs reopening, 2021 offers an exciting opportunity to pick a costume or three to celebrate spooky season. However, with the huge…

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Review: Sex Education – Season Three

*Trigger warning: sexual assault/abortion Sex Education has been met with huge success and popularity from viewers since its premier in 2019, so it was hard to imagine the newest season could live up to this expectation. However, this is exactly what Season Three did. Being a show which had already tackled a significant variety of…

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Religion and Spirituality

When approaching this article, I didn’t entirely know where to start. The role of religion in my own life is a strange one, as I suppose I sit on the fence with it. I wouldn’t say I’m an atheist, but I also wouldn’t say I’m religious. It’s equally not something I think about or consider…


Leaving home made me love home

The tiny seaside town I grew up in holds the biggest place in my heart. I mean, who doesn’t love the seaside? But, if you’d have asked me at 18, just before I moved to university, how I felt about my hometown, my answer would be incredibly different to what it is now. I chose…


(Re)discover Norwich

Norwich is rightly described as a fine city. For new and returning students, Norwich is a hugely exciting place to be, and the range of activities you can do and places you can visit is vast. Although I’ve spent a lot of time here, since the end of lockdown there are so many things I’ve…

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    Decolonising English in Argentina
    We are facing a climate catastrophy, the translation or proofreading could have been done online. Decolonising seems to be used to justify all sorts of things, including bad ones like…
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    Decolonising English in Argentina
    New forms of saviourism -it never ends this perpetuating of the Global South being something that needs visits from those good-willed who want to "help" from the Global North. It…
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