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Cheat at board games, not at life

I am a notorious cheat. I have never played a game of Monopoly without taking an extra twenty from the bank. Never a game of Uno without peaking at the player’s hand beside me. I’m not even sorry. Cheating feels like doing an extra practice run or loading up on carbs before a marathon –…

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1,000 journalists laid off this January

  To the horror of every working journalist, last week Buzzfeed laid off it’s entire national news desk and most of its national security team. Conde Nast made cuts at GQ. Huffpost let go of reporters. While the decline of print is nothing new – neither the fall of local newspapers who struggle to monetise…

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We’ve made it

  We’ve made it. A month into uni. Well done everyone, particularly third years, because I think we need all the positive reinforcement we can get. First years still have the glow of a new city and second years, well, you seem fine without it. Campus is no longer nursing freshers’ week hangovers but headaches…


Natasha Pulley – The Bedlam Stacks

Natasha Pulley’s The Bedlam Stacks is a charming romp, one that combines magical and paranormal elements with historical fiction. Young and crippled Merrick Tremayne, English horticulturalist, is given the task of retrieving medicinal quinine bark from the depths of Peru with his friend Clem Markham. On arrival, they are guided to the mysterious town of…


Student Officers for 2019 announced

UEASU has announced the winners of this year’s SU Officer elections. Three candidates were re-elected, including Sophie Atherton as Campaigns and Democracy Officer, Postgraduate Education Officer Martin Marko, and Mature Students’ Officer Sanna Mantyniemi. The position of Activities & Opportunities Officer was won by Alicia Perez Lopez. Callum Perry was announced as Undergraduate Education Officer,…

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Academics under ‘increased pressure’ to support student mental health crisis

The UEA branch of the University and College Union (UCU) said academics are under ‘increased pressure’ to support students’ mental health despite not being ‘qualified therapist[s] or mental health professional[s].’ The branch also expressed ‘great concerns’ towards the ability of Student Support Services (SSS) to meet the ‘growing need’ of students, stating the ‘pressures on…

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The conversation must continue

In the last 10 months at Editor-in-Chief, I have overseen reporting on four student deaths. I have received emails marked as urgent and confidential, learnt to report on the loss of my peers, and watched the reaction of UEA’s campus turn from sad to angry. Students gathered in the square to recognise those we have…


2019 SU officers announced

UEASU has announced the winners of this year’s SU officer elections. Three candidates were re-elected, including Sophie Atherton as campaigns and democracy officer, postgraduate education officer Martin Marko, and mature students’ officer Sanna Mantyniemi. The position of activities & opportunities officer was won by Alicia Perez Lopez. Callum Perry was announced as undergraduate education officer, Amelia Trew…


UEA announce quarter of a million investment in student support services following student death

The has university increased investment in student support services by 250,000 pounds following the death of a first-year student yesterday. The death marked the fourth student death on campus at UEA in the last 10 months. The student support service budget has risen across the last three years, from £368,000 in 2016/17 to £450,000 in…

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