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Suhailah Ali


New research may help spot extraordinary talent

Further research into savant syndrome could help to uncover the secrets of our potential.

There’s nothing free about free range

Nearly half of all eggs bought in the UK are free range, but a recent investigation shows that the demand for ethical farming has undermined concerns for animal welfare.

Colours of the solar wind

It was a dark, clear sky, the sun was hurling particles into space, and colours danced over the UK. The aurora borealis made a special appearance.

The bloody basics: the biology behind doping

Suhailah Ali explains the basic biology facts of blood doping and what is being proposed to tackle it.

Thanks for the memories

Often overlooked is the simple matter of how we think and remember. Suhailah Ali explores the beauty of the brain’s mechanics.

The fat phenomenon – a scientific deconstruction

The media has ensured that we are all familiar with the obesity epidemic currently sweeping the developed world, writes Suhailah Ali.