Susannah Smith


The Anti-Social

The freshers are settling in; they are not getting lost anymore; and they have whittled down the thousands of societies they joined. Soon they will be running around campus with egg in their hair trying to catch a bunny. Yes, it only happens at initiations. Since rumours about David Cameron clattered around the media, conversation…


Kerry McCarthy: a force for change or out of touch with rural industry?

There was a disgruntled murmuring when Kerry McCarthy was appointed Shadow Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. All because she’s a self-proclaimed militant vegan. Conservative MPs argued that she cannot do the job with a seemingly contradictory view to the health of the British farming industry, a large part of which is animal…


Navigating politics at university: the perks and the pitfalls

Starting at university can be amazing. You are thrown together with people from all over the UK, even the world, with all different backgrounds, experiences and ideas. It’s brilliant because it feels like everyone you meet is so open-minded. It’s refreshing to step outside the narrow socio-economic and political circle in which you grew up….


To vote or not to vote?

Concrete takes a look at the arguments on both sides of the debate on whether it is worth voting. Yes – Emily Fedorowycz Over the past few years, the lines between the political parties have become increasingly blurred, and for some this has been a source of discouragement when it comes to poll time. But…


The Student Sex Work Project

What does the word prostitute mean to you? What would you say if a friend told you they were a prostitute? I can guess that for most people neither answer would be positive. “It doesn’t matter… that the entire reason I am a prostitute is so I can afford to study”, said Holly, a member…


Is airbrushing female models still a problem?

We all know that feeling when you walk into a shop and see how amazing that top or dress looks on the mannequin, but when you try it on, something just isn’t right. Those perfect, faceless creatures are designed to make clothes look good; they do a similar job to fashion models, who face intense…


Mother vs Minister

Ever since women broke into the workplace there has been debate over whether they can work and be a mothers. This is an issue that has never been put to men and that reinforces the stereotypical roles of men and women. Recently the spotlight has been turned on Rachel Reeves (above), a Labour MP who…

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