Swetha Natarajan

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Summer Dresses or Sweater Weather?

Instead of hiding your favourite summer pieces at the back of your closet as soon as the weather starts changing, flaunt them as transitional pieces between summer and fall using these simple tips and tricks! To kick off, dark shades are a fall essential, such as burgundy, navy and grey. While dressing for the transitional…


Addicted to the glow

Over the past couple of years jelly makeup products have slowly but surely been making their way onto the makeup scene, and 2019 is set to be the year they really come into their own. The only issue is that the majority of these jellified products seem to be coming from the high-end makeup brands,…


Life expectancy in Norfolk

It has been concluded that with each stop on the District Line towards East London, life expectancy of the local inhabitants decreases by a year. As alarming as that sounds, according to a recent report compiled for Norfolk County Council, there currently exists a tremendous difference in life expectancies amongst people living in Norfolk, based…


Eco Fashion: A trend for the future

Conscious trends can be found in a plethora of stores worldwide and are becoming more popular by the day, proving fashion is no stranger to the eruption of the eco-age. This trend includes anything from the use of organic cotton to the recycling clothes campaign in H&M. The reason being that sustainable fashion is the…