Ted Tuthill-Jones


Universities divest amid protests

About half of UK universities with shares in fossil fuel companies have committed to selling their shares in these companies after sustained pressure from eco-conscious students who have occupied buildings, carrying out hunger strikes. Seventy-eight of the UK’s 154 public universities have joined the divestment campaign, either divesting, or pledging to divest hundreds of millions…


UEA’s singing lecturer

UEA nursing lecturer Stephen Smith, who specialises in nursing neuroscience and specialist care for patients with neurological diseases, has been making headlines with his unusual twist on the usual teaching methods. Smith uses songs in some of his lectures to help his students remember course content. “They have a lot to deal with, so I…


Surge in number of politics students since referendum

In the divisive era of Brexit, Trump, and the climate crisis, it is university politics departments who are reaping the benefits, with applications to politics courses up 28% since the 2016 Brexit referendum. Professor Lee Marsden, Head the Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication department at UEA, says that, “since 2016, there has been considerable growth…