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The Left Crematorium

Dr. Stanley Archibald Williams was a well-respected doctor at St. Igneous Psychiatric Hospital. He had experienced the most dangerous, distressed and damaged patients, yet, his appearance never wavered from the calm and collected man who remained a sturdy figurehead and valued specialist. His soothing auburn eyes a pool of comfort, oil slicked hair never out…

Creative Writing


Thick silence. Broken by the heavy blur of spluttered coughs from wheezing lips, the sticky sound of shuddered breath through crusted noses slicing the quiet from all directions. A room cut by a plagued knife. Sunken eyes reach out from faded white faces, black and blue bags hanging loosely beneath swollen bloodshot pupils. Hair, a…

Creative Writing

Root of the Problem

Rooted to a spot. Unable to leave. Green with envy of the freedom, For other un-tortured trees. A root of the problem Is something not to be leafed out. In order to feel oak-ay, Within an unfamiliar forest You’ve got to branch out. Trim back the bothersome, Find pleasure in planting the positive That flowers,…


Norwich Menswear Hot Spots

Among the extensive variety of large high street retailers, Norwich presents a teaming expanse of vintage and independent menswear outlets. Within today’s materialistic society and ‘throw away’ culture, with roughly 300,000 tonnes of clothing going to landfill every year in the UK, vintage clothing helps the struggling environment by offering itself as a sustainable, ethical,…

December 2021
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