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Sudan coup attempt fails

Authorities in Sudan reported on 21st September that a coup attempt against the transitional government, the Sovereignty Council, had failed. Government officials say those behind the attack were soldiers loyal to the previous ruler Omar al-Bashir who after three decades had been deposed in 2019. 21 officers have been arrested in the aftermath of this…

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An Interview with Rising Star Eliza Delf

A student at UEA and a local to the Norfolk area, Eliza Delf has been showcasing her talent as a singer-songwriter this year. After a successful kickstarter, she has begun working on her debut album, ‘Into the Wilderness’. While an in-person interview couldn’t be arranged, one of the bonuses of our video call meant that…


Muse – Origin of Symmetry Turns Twenty

Earlier in June, Muse’s sophomore album Origin of Symmetry celebrated its twentieth anniversary. This marked twenty years of the futuristic, dystopian project which has not only become a trade mark in Muse’s discography but also cemented itself as a classic in the hard rock genre.  To begin to understand this album, it is important to…


How Covid-19 Has Affected My Reading

The pandemic has given me the chance to diversify the types of literature I’m reading. As a bookworm, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a book on the go. Before the first lockdown, nine times out of ten it would be a novel, often a Rankin or Le Carre. The pandemic, however,…


UK cuts aid to Syria by a third

Foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, has announced a cut in aid to the Syrian refugee programme by almost a third at a United Nations donor conference. The UK have pledged £205m this year, a decrease from last year’s £300m donation that was made at the same conference. Altogether, the UK provided £400m in aid last year…

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