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Creative Writing


     It begins. This year — THIS is when I find my first ever girlfriend.      A girl on my course has invited me to a pre-drinks party. I tell my flatmate this as I leave, and she looks at me with raised eyebrows and says, ‘Aren’t you forgetting something?’ I say no….

Creative Writing

Where The Heart Is

The man walked outside, wielding the wooden stake, and he drove it down, thrusting deep into the end of the driveway amongst the green grass hairs, and he pulled out a hammer, and with each whack, the ‘For Sale’ sign pierced deeper, deeper into the soil. I stood at the window watching this, my Mum…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Free to dream

I am not just thinking thoughts; my thoughts are thinking too. My hands are behind my head, against my pillow, my fingers forming a deck of cards, and I gaze up at the ceiling, and hope that there aren’t any daddy-longlegs up there. The darkness may look black to others, but it seems ultramarine to…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Creative Writing: Skylines

[su_box title=”Skylines – Jay Stonestreet, creative writing editor” box_color=”#2D2D73″ radius=”0″]As we enter into October and the sun sinks a little lower every day, each autumn sunset becomes more beautiful. In this issue, UEA’s writers explore the theme of skylines and the framing of the human against nature’s ever-changing backdrop.[/su_box] [su_quote cite=”Westley Barnes”]Cloudwatcher Ever since I’ve…

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February 2021
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