Tom Etheridge

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Guilty Pleasures

[su_spoiler title=”Chloe Cox” style=”simple” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Comment”]I first watched Awkward as a last resort; a result of browsing through Lovefilm when all the good programmes were gone. Lovefilm you say? What’s that? Well, exactly. So sceptically, I began my first episode, and rightly so. Cringey lines, cringey outfits… and there were four more seasons of this?…


Students affected by UEA email outage

UEA students have been frustrated by problems accessing their university email accounts over the weekend, affecting students on and off campus. In some cases this has resulted in problems with students’ individual subscriptions to Microsoft Office, provided by the university, suggesting a problem with the software as a whole. Recent updates from the UEA Library Twitter…

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