Tristan Pollitt


Norwich: The Queer Capital of the East

“Norwich is a fine city.” This often remarked and equally mocked slogan, which you first encountered driving down the A11 towards the outer limits of the city, has become just as iconic and intertwined with the city’s DNA as UEA’s Ziggurats or Cathedral Close. You take a walk around the city streets, visit some of…


Women travellers throughout history

Let me address the mammoth in the room: it is perhaps unusual, one may say improper, for one such as I to write on the topic of women’s history. Men have frequently been much responsible for the current predicament we find ourselves in – and I include history as an aside in this regard. From…


We Want to be Radicals

“Not Gay as in happy but Queer as in Fuck You.” – Anon Pride was founded on a brick or a shot or kick and the colours of the rainbow thereafter. For many LGBT+ people, a medium sized rectangular cloth, 90 by 150, dyed with the vanishing afternoon, means above all one thing: Pride. Since…


Obituary for Richard Deswarte

The last paper was always reserved, even if no one said so. Between six-thirty and seven o’clock, under the occasional cover of darkness, a thin, smallish man with a rising forehead would walk across UEA’s square to the SU shop it complete what would be for any other person, afternoon tasks. He would go in,…


Is poetry inaccessible?

I think that poetry is the freest form of writing of them all. It doesn’t have to be bound by rules and it doesn’t have to do anything but what the writer wants it to. Alongside this, poetry can also be entirely up to interpretation, with the meaning set by the reader. For me, that…

Creative Writing

A Pier Outstretched into an Ocean

Reached through the ocean, ran through the reef – stopped where the waters turned dark, into the unknowable. We were just kids then: five-, ten-, twelve-year-olds; fingers grasped around the chilled silver railings in front. The wind brought clouds of tortuous form inwards, with full bellies and colours that cracked this spurious visage. We could…

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June 2022
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