Tristan Pollitt

#BLM, Books

Fiction against racism

Race, racism, and racial injustice continue to stain the fabric of our society, as they have done for many years. As they do, the importance of education as a tool to recognise, comprehend and dismantle racism, as well as its associated institutions, has moved to the forefront of conversations surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement….


The damage for tourism from Coronavirus

“It is a very important humanitarian issue,” states Niall Gibbons. An economic bounce-back like the SARS pandemic of 2003-2004 (600%) is inevitable. Whilst the words of Tourism Ireland’s CEO ring largely true, and the current situation will undoubtedly pass, they also seemingly underplay the relationship and significance of the virus’s economic impact on those countries…


The best and worst of honeymoons

‘Honeymooning’ is rooted in the nineteenth century European ‘bridal tour’, where recently married couples would travel the country and nearby continents to visit family members unable to attend the wedding. These kinds of parades, however, were largely undertaken by the upper-classes due to the large cost they accrued. Honeymoons are expensive. They are also a…