Troy Fielder


‘Freedom to criticise ideas is being eroded’: Oxford University student newspaper editor resigns following article censure

An editorial member of Cherwell, Oxford University’s independent student newspaper, has resigned following the publication’s refusal to publish one of his articles online. It has been reported that the reason for this refusal was due to the fact that the article in question ‘could be considered offensive’. Former Profiles Editor for the paper, Freddie Hayward,…


Flood risk severe for millions in the US

More than 40 million Americans may be at risk of severe flooding. A study by the University of Bristol, published in Environmental Research Letters, used predictive methods to analyse the threat of river flooding over continental America. The findings exclude coastal areas, which could potentially add millions to an already steep figure. The findings are…


Amur leopard endangered

A disease that commonly effects domesticated dogs has been added to the list of threats that have critically endangered Amur leopards (Panthera pardus orientalis). So far, the list already includes illegal wildlife trade, habitat loss, fragmentation, and climate change. The recent discovery of a two-yearold Amur leopard suffering from canine distemper virus (CDV) has led…

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