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UEA Post Room Moves to The Street

The latest updates to the new Post Room on UEA campus have been revealed. The former Waterstones building closed its doors permanently in 2020. Over the last few months, signs have gone up next to the Student Information Zone (SIZ) detailing a revamp for the new UEA Post Room. The Post Room, currently located in…


Should the NHS be privatised?

A recent investigation has revealed over 100 NHS primary care buildings are owned by private firms registered in tax havens, bringing the long enduring question of the NHS’s proposed privatisation to the forefront once again. It is rather ironic how the NHS pays millions in rent each year to firms who barely pay any taxes,…


Has Boris forgotten about the vulnerable?

Boris Johnson has announced it’s time we live with Covid-19. But he hasn’t told us how. The perception our prime minister, weakened by scandals, is trying to appease to his backbenchers is not all that farfetched. Many of these backbenchers have businesses and investments impacted by Covid-19 restrictions and wish for life to return to…


“It’s like they assume the worst in us”: UEA faces complaints about extenuating circumstances and the intercalation process

In recent weeks, the university has made a number of statements relating to the process and evidence required for submitting an extenuating circumstances request. This has mainly been in relation to the handling of student bereavements and how this has affected their studies. The process has garnered a number of complaints.  Other students have also…


Guerrilla Girls: The art of feminism, and the feminism of art

So, you get the gist, here’s the list of ‘-ists’ inspiring ‘The Guerrilla Girls’. Their feminist, anti-racist, artist and activist, anonymous protests are highlighting the injustices pervading the art world. Employing disruptive headlines, sparking outrage, and exposing bias and corruption, metaphorically likened to ‘guerrilla’ tactics has led to their dubbing as ‘The Guerrilla Girls.’ With…

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June 2022
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