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What is the point of a review?

For this issue we asked some of our writers the question ‘what is the point of a review?’ Enjoy! Music reviews: a love-hate relationship. Some people like them, some don’t mind them and some hate them. They aren’t a mandatory requirement for people to write or read, and they come down to personal choice. The…


The Best AAA Games

Fire Emblem: Three Houses As a big fan of indie games, I rarely play AAA titles. The Call of Dutys and GTAs haven’t ever really appealed to me that much — they are fun, don’t get me wrong, but they’ve never really been games I could play for hours on end. I certainly wouldn’t play…


2020’s Best of TV

‘The Goes Wrong Show’ Matthew Stothard A multilingual WWII codebreaker played by an actress who can only speak English, a deer who misses his cue and a whole set rotated by ninety degrees. If that all sounds weird and random, it’s because it is, but it is pulled off brilliantly by Mischief Theatre, the creators…


Board Games

The Game of Life When my family and I fancy an afternoon playing a board game, we usually reach for The Game of Life. It’s fun, easy, and absolutely hilarious when someone lands on a spot and has to give up all their money (it’s usually the sore loser among the group). The Game of…


Games of the Year

Animal Crossing: New Horizons It seems almost impossible to write about the top games of 2020 without mentioning Animal Crossing! The seemingly perfect timing of the game’s release as most of the world was in, or heading into, nationwide lockdowns was probably one of the greatest accidental marketing strategies of all time. The game instantly…


Venue’s albums of the year

Phoenix by Dirty Loops Sam Gardham Dirty Loops have been described as a muso’s wet dream. From Sweden, the three members – singer and pianist Jonah Nilsson, bassist Henrik Linder, drummer Aron Mellergård – are virtuosic classical and jazz-trained pop musicians. Phoenix, their first album since 2014’s Loopified, has been a while in the making…


Favourite Games of All Time

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Maybe describing 999 as my favourite game of all time is a bit of an underestimation. It’s way more than that: it’s my favourite story of all time as well. The premise is SAW-like and simple: you play as Junpei, you’re stuck with eight other people on a ship…


The Best Of…

Science-Fiction Matthew Stothard There is a simple reason that ‘Doctor Who’ is the best science-fiction programme: the core concept is genius. By introducing space and time travel and only having a few core characters, it becomes a show of infinite possibility, which can reach into all genres of television. You want emotional drama? ‘Doctor Who’…


Favourite Recent Singles

Travis Scott feat. Young Thug & M.I.A. – FRANCHISE Jake Walker-Charles “FRANCHISE” by Travis Scott, Young Thug and M.I.A is a stand-out track. These artists, who have approximately fourteen US top 10 hits between them, have all been known to push stylistic boundaries.  Their unique vocal performances give the song depth and dimension, whilst still…

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January 2022
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