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Album Review: Bowie – Blackstar

It was classic David Bowie: releasing an indecipherably cryptic final album, only for its true meaning to be made all too obvious a mere two days later. As flippant as it might sound, death was the ultimate Bowie act; watching the clip for ‘Lazarus’ and listening to Blackstar is the final evidence that he remained…

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Top 35 Albums of 2015

2015. The year Benjamin Clementine scooped the Mercury Prize, we all became ‘Beliebers’ and, most importantly, the year in which the album format proved it won’t go the way of the Dodo as so many predicted at the start of the digital age. Adele smashed sales records, the vinyl revival goes from strength to strength…

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Review – Sonocent Audio Notetaker

The gathering up of research information is often a daunting time-consuming task for students; one that seemingly never simplifies, nor accelerates. Undergraduates prone to leaving secondary sourcing to the final hours before an essay hand-up, postgraduates with figurative years of archive fever to process into something cohesive-note-taking and its writing up are battles which never…

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Interview – Ash

Venue spoke to former Glastonbury headliners Ash ahead of their highly anticipated performance at the Waterfront on 12th December. Ash, for a generation of Grunge and Britpop hungry mid ‘90s teens, represented all the innocence and promise of indie rock after the sorrowful demise of Kurt Cobain. Here were three fresh-faced and geek culture obsessed…

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Creative Writing: Skylines

[su_box title=”Skylines – Jay Stonestreet, creative writing editor” box_color=”#2D2D73″ radius=”0″]As we enter into October and the sun sinks a little lower every day, each autumn sunset becomes more beautiful. In this issue, UEA’s writers explore the theme of skylines and the framing of the human against nature’s ever-changing backdrop.[/su_box] [su_quote cite=”Westley Barnes”]Cloudwatcher Ever since I’ve…

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