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The NUS lacks diversity, claims study by Surrey Uni

In the light of last month’s student’s union elections at UEA and the lack of diversity perceived in the results, the news that a study by the University of Surrey has discovered that union leadership is “unreflective of the students they represent” presents an interesting question. The study considers whether students’ unions can still be…


KAOS Fashion Show 2015 Photography

If you haven’t seen already, we published a KAOS 2015 supplement in issue 309, which you can view here: However, we couldn’t put all the photographs we took into the supplement, so we’ve uploaded them here. If you want to use any of these as profile pictures, some are also available on our Facebook page: [LINK] –…

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In conversation with Rubyetc

You’ve probably seen her work before on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and a multitude of other social media sites; her artwork is as distinctive as it is honest and revealing. Ruby, 21, has been making art since she dropped out of school at 17. She started a blog talking about “…Therapists, failing my driving test…