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Can Arsenal be certain of FA Cup victory?

It has been a curious season for the red and white half of North London. Reeling like drunken shambles in the first half of the campaign, with opaque tactics and a chronic lack of defenders, Arsene Wenger’s men have arguably been the best side in the country of 2015. Since losing to Southampton at the…

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Mother’s Day Special: Classic Movie Mums

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS! 1. Norma Bates-Psycho (1960) Oh you’ve all seen it right? Not exactly cuddly Mother’s Day material but rather a chilly indictment of motherly smothering, Alfred Hitchcock’s signature film examines with chilly precision the Oedipal relationship between mothers and sons and the psychological dependence that is the flipside, as Norman Bates (played by…


Review: American Sniper

Director: Clint Eastwood Writer: Jason Hall Starring: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Kyle Gallner Runtime: 132 Genre: Biography/Action   The opening shot of American Sniper, the new film by Clint Eastwood, is mesmerising. Bradley Cooper’s eponymous sniper is in position on a rooftop in Iraq covering ground troops below. Through his scope, an Iraqi woman hands…


Thierry Henry Retires: A Tribute

When running through a list of the greatest foreign imports to grace English football, a few names automatically spring to mind. Cristiano Ronaldo deserves immense recognition as the only Premiership-based player to be named FIFA World Player of the Year, whilst Eric Cantona was the catalyst for Manchester United’s dominance for the past 20 years….

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Classic psychopathic villains

Aaron Sampler in Primal Fear This Richard Gere vehicle is a forgettable and overblown thriller, with a ludicrous plot and unpleasant anti-Catholic undertones. It does however have one brilliant achievement: an outstanding technical tour de force by Edward Norton in his breakthrough role as an altar boy accused of brutally murdering a Chicago archbishop. With…

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The Changelings: Films That Changed Our Lives

Four writers. Four films that changed their lives… Into the Wild (2007) The final scene and credits of Sean Penn’s film Into the Wild will always stick with me. In a dark room late at night with a group of close friends, the only sound was a quiet collective sobbing. The film had an enormous impact…

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Review: Fury

Going into Fury, the new film by David Ayer, you may feel some trepidation. Another excuse for Americans to proudly proclaim “We won the war!”, Brad Pitt recycling his good ol’ southern boy routine from Inglorious Basterds…and the irritating little (insert expletive of choice here) Shia LaBeouf getting to play soldiers. Shia LaBeouf in general….


Remembering Brian Clough

Needless to say, I’m too young to remember Brian Clough’s days in football management; I really only heard of “Old Big Head” upon his death in September 2004. Yet as the bankrolled mercenaries of Manchester City and Chelsea take a stranglehold on the Premier League and football increasingly becomes about which sugar daddy has the…

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