Yaiza Canopoli


Queerness, Sexuality and Cinema

There are, generally speaking, three types of films representative of queer relationships: those that pretend queerness is inherently asexual, those that oversexualise it and those that actually do a fairly good job of representing a range of sexualities and are widely embraced by the LGBTQ+ community. The veiled queerness is an old, old trope. It…


Costume dramas for the costume society

Period dramas are the pride of British cinema. They are addictive, entertaining, and oftentimes endearing. The servants are written as funny, the women seem to transgress societal norms, and the men are just adorable in their slowly changing misogyny. The smallest gesture of rebellion is a revolution. Yet this is precisely where the danger lies….


You don’t have to be middle class to enjoy art

There seems to be a general understanding that art is something sophisticated, refined, and inaccessible. The word ‘art’ conjures up images of royal portraits painted by aristocrats, stored in museums, which themselves are often old, imposing buildings. Art is something superior to the physical world and the people looking at it. It transcends real life….


Freshers without drinking

One of my best memories from my first year at UEA is Freshers’ Week. Not because of the LCR and clubbing nights, but because of the incredibly varied events the university organised. As an EU student, the UK drinking culture initially surprised me. My previous classmates liked to go out, but I never had alcohol…

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