Yasmine Haggar

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Head to head: on the beat

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”Nicholas Angel – Hot Fuzz”]The lead character of Edgar Wright’s seminal comedy Hot Fuzz is incredibly qualified in all his fields, being a master of shooting, fencing and driving, showcased in Hot Fuzz’s epically bombastic conclusion. Responsible for the highest arrest rate in all of London, he may not be a team player…

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The Rise of the Dystopian

It would be fair to say that in recent times Hollywood has definitely capitalised on the success of the dystopian genre amongst adolescents by producing such box office successes as The Hunger Games, Maze Runner & Divergent (all adapted from popular literary series) and with The 5th Wave set to release in 2016, there are…

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Review: Mr Holmes

The fictional character of Sherlock Holmes, conceptualised by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is one of the most recognisable literary figures and the tales of the notorious detective have been adapted for stage, screen and radio, spawning over 200 films in total – the most recent instalment being Mr Holmes. The film stars Sir Ian McKellen…