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What Will Happen to Our Archipelago’s?

Patrick Barkham introduces himself, as well as his book Islander: A Journey Around Our Archipelago showing a projection of the book cover decorated with some of the British Isles atop of the United Kingdom and Ireland. He begins his talk with a game of spot the difference of what convincingly seems to be the same…


Norwich Science Festival 2018: Drone Racing

When I first heard about a Drone Racing event at the Norwich Science Festival, I couldn’t wait to see these machines first hand, however after chatting to the event organiser, I found out about the amazing work the charity behind the event completes across the world.  The event was aimed at children with an interest…


Liveblog: Young Communications Team cover the Norwich Science Festival

An ode to science: reflections on the festival In the week following a celebration, it’s always important to reflect on the impact of an event. The Norwich Science Festival took place between 21-29 of October, hosting in excess of 125 events (and thousands more people!) ranging from a talk by Helen Sharman- Britain’s First Astronaut-…

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