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Autumn/winter ‘16

Since carving a pumpkin and watching Strictly Come Dancing I’ve been feeling pretty autumnal so I thought we could have a look at this season’s biggest trends, where to get them and most importantly how to do it on a student budget.

I’m talking, velvet, khaki, pumpkin spiced lattes, bovver boots, ponchos and more. I am planning to ignore that it’s been quite sunny last week: I’m getting my autumn on.


I have avoided thus far discussing velvet in this fashion section as it’s a pretty sensitive topic, but it’s everywhere I cannot avoid it any longer. I hate velvet, I’m just going to say it. I hate how it feels I’m not a big fan of how it looks and this year I have been bombarded by velvet pieces. Even my trusty M&S has been dragging out some statement velvet. Yet, sad as I am to admit it, I like some of them. Fine you got me, velvet can be cute. It is clearly one of this year’s biggest trends too as I just cannot seem to escape it. I have come to accept that even if it feels horrible you may still look pretty cute. OK fine, very cute.


This is pretty much one of your classic autumnal colours but khaki has seen a big revival. A Khaki coat has always been floating about but this darkish green seems to be making its way through jumpers shoes and dresses. It has that sort of one step away from black elegance I feel and looks quite expensive even though what I’m wearing is definitely not. If like me you need to resist the urge wear all black every day just grab an easy to wear khaki piece and you’ll be fine. Suede khaki ankle boots deserving a particular shout out as I saw a girl looking great in them at the train station.

Bovver boots

These were all over the Met Gala, with everyone from Selena Gomez to Alicia Vikander rocking the chunky boots with dresses. The Doc Martin heavy boot is making a fashionable comeback. Louis Vuitton and Jeremy Scott have both seen chunky boots heading down the runway and thank goodness I say. Those gladiator sandals were not going to last the Norwich winter. If, shockingly, you’re not planning on forking out for a pair of Vuittons, River Island, ASOS and Topshop have some cheaper alternatives.


I don’t care what you say,  I love a poncho. I loved the fringed one I had when I was 8 and I love the fur lined one I have now. Sue me. They are ridiculously easy to wear and are often like having a blanket around you: It’s win win. M&S have got a wide selection but you can pretty  much find them everywhere now. They’re a good middle ground between jacket and coat, and when you want to take your quilt with you to campus you now can! You can either go single colour or statement pattern, turtle neck or cowl they’re pretty much versatile I mean it is a piece of material with a hole for your head what could go wrong!

As always I would like to reemphasis the importance of wear what the fuck you want in this fashion section but if you need some guidance and want to know what’s particularly in and love the unattainable glamour of vogue (and VENUE) then I hope I have helped!


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