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Back-to-back exams for NBS and pharmacy students

Recently released timetables show that some students have several back-to-back exams without a day’s break in between. Students in NBS, Economics, Actuarial Science and Pharmacy are believed to be those currently affected.

Back-to-back exams for NBS and pharmacy studentsPhoto by Gnarlycraig (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Students say that as well as causing extra stress, their performance in exams will be affected by the restriction on revision caused by the timetabling. In particular, some NBS students have a coursework deadline just one day before their exams start.

One NBS student said she now realises why her year had their exam briefing lectures before the Easter Break. The issue of exam timetabling at UEA has already sparked debate on campus as it formed a platform for several academic officer candidates who wished to put a day in between exams to prevent this problem.

The university commented that this year they have had to timetable over 32,000 exam sittings, but have made sure that a number of measures are put in place to help students to prepare for exams, including publishing their exam timetables before the Easter break to give them time to revise, and ensuring that students do not take more than two exams in any given day.

“The university appreciates the importance of examinations and will do what it reasonably can to ensure that the examination schedule is as fair as possible within finite time and physical resources.

“It is equally important that students have a realistic expectation of what demands their individual examination timetable may make and plan for this in advance.”

Academic Officer Josh Bowker added: “It is a shame that exam timetabling has disadvantaged so many students again, it is obviously something that needs to be addressed soon, the next Academic Officer was elected on a manifesto to improve this aspect of assessment, unfortunately nothing can be done this year, but I hope that by next year this issue is resolved.”


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