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If you are one of the crazy few who didn’t watch the first series of Broadchurch, or haven’t yet seen Monday’s episode, DO NOT READ, and instead drop all essay writing and go and watch it right now!

There’s nothing quite like being enthralled by a good crime drama, and Monday the 5th of January, 9pm, saw the people of Britain on the edge of their seats as they prepared for the much anticipated return of Broadchurch to television screens. The acclaimed crime series, starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman had finished with a climatic finale in 2013, with viewers from all around the Globe left hungry for more.

The series saw the seemingly perfect, tightknit community of Broadchurch, a Dorset seaside town, shaken to its very core following the chilling murder of 11 year old Danny Latimer. As the episodes began to unfold, viewers watched DS Ellie Miller (Colman) and DI Alec Hardy (Tennant) attempt to find the killer. Not one stone, or should I say pebble, was left unturned, and every member of the community was under scrutiny from Colman and Tennant’s incessant questioning. Director and writer Chris Chibnall was insistent that every detail regarding the identity of the killer was kept under wraps right until the very end; from the media, the public and even the actors themselves. Reportedly, Tennant and Colman did not know who was responsible for the murder they were investigating until just before the filming of the final episode. This secrecy gave the show an even more exciting edge and in the final episode, millions of eyes were glued to TV screens as we watched Joe Miller, the Detective Superintendent’s very own husband, arrested for the crime. 9.1 million viewers had watched Tennant and Colman as they slowly pieced together the events surrounding the murder. With an American remake and many awards on its shoulders, expectations were sky highfor series two.

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They say good things come to those who wait, and although it remains to be seen whether viewers will be rewarded for their patience, the first episode of the second series certainly seemed to be sowing the seeds for what looks set to be another gripping season. Okay, you may have to supress the odd giggle at Tennant’s prolonged brooding gaze or Colman’s unintentionally humorous West Country accent, but overall the episode did not disappoint.

It was quickly established that series two was beginning almost exactly where series one had ended. Speculations of a new location or a new murder were quickly put to bed when killer Joe Miller, appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to the crime, much to the Latimer family’s horror. Gasps and muffled cries echoed around the courtroom, and I suspect in many sitting rooms around the country. This means a full trial will have to take place, suggesting that Broadchurch will become a courtroom drama rather than a whodunit. A risky move? Some may say yes, as it now has to compete with other primetime dramas of a similar nature. But this is Broadchurch we’re talking about. It could never just be any old primetime drama, especially not now two new famous faces join the cast. Award winning Marianne-Jean Baptiste and Charlotte Rampling are to play the two warring lawyers, with Rampling prosecuting the killer and Baptiste defending him.

Broadchurch once again promises for some must watch TV magic. It also looks like we’re going to be finding out a lot more about the residents of Broadchurch in the next seven episodes, and everyone is now beginning to look suspicious. As the credits rolled, and the familiar, yet eerie Icelandic song “So Close” permeated our ear drums, I am certain I was not alone in thinking that the next few weeks look considerably more appealing now Broadchurch is once again gracing our screens.


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