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A Bad Day in Short Sentences.

Wake up. Tell yourself that despite the clouds in your sky, it’s okay. You’re okay. Drag self out of bed. Wonder why self feels like a dead body. Work out what breakfast will be. Make a mental note to buy milk today. Tell yourself you’ll be okay. Will be. Make breakfast. Slowly. Eat breakfast. Try to do required reading while eating. Fail to do required reading while eating. Tell yourself that’s fine. Attempt to believe that’s fine. Take a long shower. Try to only think about the water. Or innocuous soap. Get dressed, and get bored of telling yourself you’ll be okay. Wonder if repetition helps make something true. Realise saying it over and over makes no difference to its relationship with reality. Wonder why you feel the need to tell yourself things rather than just thinking them. Minus the effort. Shut down this unproductive train of thought before it reaches worrying fruition. Stumble through the day. Repeat reassurances. Forget to buy milk. Try not to go to bed too late. Go to bed too late. Tell yourself it’s okay to go to bed late. Tell yourself it’s fine. Tell yourself it’s okay. Tell yourself you’ll be okay. Attempt to succumb to the repetition. Hope you’ll believe it tomorrow.


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