The Ballroom and Latin Dance Club held their annual competition this January, the UEA Friendly Competition.

With universities such as Cambridge, Imperial, and London in attendance, the competition was exciting and offered the UEA team a chance to mix with other dancers on the university circuit.

The competition was organised by myself and my committee and it could not have been achieved without the help of our dedicated members.

The day began at seven in the morning, when the committee gathered to help set up the sports hall for the day.

With various problems arising, such as our entry numbers not being provided until the last minute and several stepped-on toes, everyone worked together as a team, allowing the day to run seamlessly and successfully.

Our dancers outdid themselves throughout the day, with 20 UEA finalists in total.

Many of our ex-students came back to take part, including two of our previous presidents, Marwa Ramsi, who continues to teach our beginners, and Gurdas Singh Sually, without whom the competition could not have taken place.

Ramsi said: “As a teacher, it’s been wonderful seeing the beginners grow from never dancing before, to not only competing with confidence, but executing their moves.

“Ballroom and Latin is not an easy sport and very foreign to most people.

“I am very proud of how far they have come and am looking forward to seeing them progress and also welcoming the new intake of beginners.”

Although our main rounds of Latin and Ballroom were incredible to watch, the biggest highlight of the day had to be the fun rounds.

This included Rock ‘n’ Roll, Charleston, and Three Person Rumba, which encouraged some of our judges to also join in.

Matthew Cornforth, an alumna of the club, described his Rumba as an, “empowering and sensual experience, conveying the characteristics of the rumba perfectly.”

Cornforth, Cameron Willson, and Sam Griffiths won fourth place in this event

Most notably, however, our beginners, Joe Loftus and Elouise Mayall came second in the Charleston, beating some very advanced dancers in the same category.

The UEA team looks forward to the upcoming nationals this February in Blackpool!

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