Bar(su) removes Coca Cola from taps

Numerous students have voiced concerns over the SU bar removing Coca-Cola as a draught mixer.

A representative for the bar has responded to numerous complaints on the student-run ‘Concrete Confessions Between UEA Seshions’ page, stating that the beverage will still be sold in bottled form.

The majority of the complaints were from individuals that experience allergies to the sweeteners in Coca Cola’s sugar-free options.

This move is most likely a reaction to the government’s decision to implement a sugar tax in April last year, introduced to crack down on high sugar levels in soft drinks as strategy to tackle childhood obesity.
Many companies have modified recipes to avoid the charges, with others directing a higher portion of their marketing costs to sugar free products. Coca Cola has seemingly failed to do either, meaning the price of a two-litre Coca Cola bottle has increased by 48p.

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